Friday, November 16, 2007

Ten Things You Probably Don't Know - Or Even Want to Know - About Me

1. I was born without eyelashes. (I guess I was undercooked.)
2. My earliest memory is of my older brother and my cousin holding a big plastic spider over my crib.
3. When I was five, I wanted to be a hula dancer when I grew up.
4. When I was fourteen, I wanted to be Whitney Houston when I grew up. (Now I'm kinda glad that didn't work out.)
5. After I saw American Idol auditions for the first time, I vowed never to sing in public again. Thank heavens my shower isn't in public.
6. I love the smell of tabasco sauce. Seriously. Like huffing it love it.
7. When I was eighteen, I rented a studio in an old house converted into apartments. One night, one of my friends (who worked for my landlord) said, "I did the wiring in that house. I'm surprised it hasn't burned down yet." A couple of hours later, there was a fire.
8. My first job was cleaning chicken poop out of chicken feeders. I guess gagging the whole time made me a less than stellar employee, and they asked me not to come back a second day. I was totally okay with that.
9. I love lolcats. They make me giggle.
10. I'm a member of Mensa. If I'm an example of the top two percent of IQ's, we should all be very worried.

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