Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Rules and How I Break Them

To have an entertaining blog, there are a few rules one should follow. Being that I generally love to bend, stretch, twist, and otherwise manipulate rules, it should come as no surprise that I don’t follow the rules for blogging either. Let us review:

1. Always have something funny, interesting, or enlightening to say, even if you are only posting that you have nothing to say.

Even though Rhett thinks that I never shut up, I actually do run out of things to say occasionally. (That’s usually when I resort to poking penguins.) Even if I haven’t run out of subjects to blather on about, I can’t promise that I’ll be remotely funny, interesting, or enlightening. Now funny looking I can work with.

2. Be constantly on the go. Make trips to interesting places like festivals, or vacation in exotic locales.

Here’s my current list of places I travel: school, back home again, the grocery store, and sometimes I actually make it to church. Scintillating, huh?

3. Take pictures of everything, and then make even the bad ones seem witty.

Have you heard my motto? It’s “Oh crap! I forgot the camera!”

4. Have remarkable friends with clever screen names who provide amusing anecdotes for your blog.

Um, yeah. Did you catch the part where I said the places I go are school, the grocery story, and home? The only people I regularly hang out with, I either married or gave birth to.

Oh well. Next week, my new pal KangarooCharmer and I are going to the first annual Knitting with Noodles Festival, and I’ll be sure to get pictures of the “linguine lace” class. Maybe I’ll have something good to post then.

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