Monday, November 5, 2007

Ignorance is Bliss

Today I'm working on a little presentation for my Theatre class about The Angel Project, a self-guided theatre installation/walking tour of New York that was held during the Lincoln Center Festival in 2003. As I've been reading reviews, there seem to be two major questions asked over and over:
1. How do I tell who the "angels" are vs. who the normal people on the street are?
2. Why can't I have this experience every day just by taking a deeper look at the world around me?
That second question inspired me to take a few minutes and really appreciate the view from my kitchen table.

Just beyond my laptop I see a stack of school books that I still need to put away. And there's the paperwork from parent-teacher conferences that I still need to file. Is that a dirty sock one of the boys took off from church yesterday sitting on the dining table?!?!?

Maybe I should look out the window...

Uh oh. Oldest still needs to pick up the wood scraps from his latest project. And who left their socks under the trampoline? We have really got to get the leaves raked. It certainly wouldn't hurt to sweep the pine needles off the patio.

Perhaps I should try the kitchen again...

Oh crap. The laundry is staging a coup. There is dried scrambled egg on the counter because my children eat like farm animals. That plant is dying of thirst. I really need to mop this floor.

Oh, never mind...

I suddenly don't feel a need to appreciate my surroundings at all. I liked it better when my blinders were on.

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