Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Guest Blogger

Murphy here. Deanna asked me to fill in for her today. I guess she's supposedly doing homework. Whatever. I usually don't spend a lot of time on the computer unless I need a warm place to take a nap, but I thought this was the perfect opportunity to get some things off my chest.

First of all, what is with the lolcats? Do you people really think we talk this way? Give me a break! Even that idiot across the street, Snowball, is smarter than the cats in those stupid pictures. I mean, really, who spells like that? And enough with the buckets and cheeseburgers already. It might have been funny the first eighty-three times, but give it up. The whole idea of lolcats is just offensive. Don't make me call the ACLU about this.

One more thing: The human on feline violence has got to stop. Just because you have opposable thumbs doesn't mean you have the right to torture us with the weapon of mass annoyance:

You know it's not a fair fight. All I'm saying is, if you don't want a hairball in your penny loafers, put down the spray bottle.

I gotta run. I just heard the dryer buzz, and I have a feeling there is a basket of warm towels with my name all over it. Later. - M

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