Friday, November 9, 2007

Study Break

I've been trying to force myself to get some homework done today. (Note: the keyword there is trying.) This afternoon, a squirrel caught my easily distracted eye, and I decided I should take a few minutes and play with my new camera. First, I tried to get a shot of the squirrel:

Of course I had to snap this with the optical and digital zoom through the patio door because when I head outside, he always disappears. (He's squirrely that way.) Most of the pictures turned out as a blur because he would always move as soon as I focused in on him. Next, I ventured on outside and snapped this:

I don't know why I even like this one. I just do. I guess it seems quiet and contemplative. Here's a shot of "The Little Begonia That Could":

When the weather got so unbearably hot last August, I gave up on keeping the flower pots on the front porch watered. When they became an eyesore, I asked Rhett to just stick them in the back yard. Once the weather cooled down, these little begonias came back with an explosion of red. I'm curious to see how long they last. One more:

Another survival story. After being horribly neglected during the heatwave, I actually wondered if the rose bush would survive. Not only did it survive, it is cheering up my mess of a flowerbed with its delightful pink goodness.

Well, I can't put off writing this silly poetry analysis forever. (Okay, I could, but I'd flunk.) I'm off to be a good little girl now - at least for a few minutes.

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