Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'll Take "Safe Answers" for $500, Alex

Sunday night we were all driving home from my parents' house, and the boys were discussing the difference between nerds and geeks. Evidently, according to Oldest Son, there are stringent criteria for each classification. After listening to the debate for a bit, I posed the question, "What am I?"

[Insert cricket chirping sounds here.]

Evidently the boys were afraid to answer, and I have to give them props for being smart enough to not call me a geek or a nerd (at least not to my face). I finally broke the silence and gave them some advice that will take them far in life (especially when they get married), "No matter what the conversation, if a woman asks you 'What am I?' the answer is 'beautiful' boys. The answer is always 'beautiful'."

Not missing a beat, Rhett chimed in with, "And if a woman asks you anything else, the answer is always 'Yes, dear.'"

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