Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rite of Passage

Oldest recently celebrated his fourteenth birthday, and tonight he attended his first church dance. He can be kind of shy in certain situations, so I wasn't sure how he would fare. After he got home I asked, "Did you have fun?" As he was loosening his tie, he mumbled, "Yeah."

This is usually about all the information we can get out of him, but I decided to dig a little deeper. He had expressed some hesitancy about actually dancing instead of just hanging out with friends, so my next question was, "Did you dance?" Once again he gave the monosyllabic, "Yeah."

So far, so good. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try one more question: "How many girls did you dance with?" To my amazement, he nonchalantly replied, "Oh, I stopped counting after four."

I think we can call the evening a success. :)


Melissa said...

Hi :)

When I make my next post (today or tomorrow) this will get bumped off my first page, and I wanted to make sure you'd seen it. Because "you do" :)

Cristina said...

That is too funny. I can't believe Alex is that old!!! Hey if he needs any advice his uncle adam I am sure could help him with the "ladies". j.k you may not want to make a mack daddy out of him yet. haha

Jody said...

Ha! That's priceless. Good for Oldest. :)

stacie said...

He "stopped counting." What a crack up! :D

Sheila Ann said...

Oh how sweet.

I love that I had a little boy. Now I get to see into that world from his perspective and love it so much. My heart breaks.

sassy said...

Sha, and at his age I was too shy to even talk to boys !