Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hat Dogs and Stalkers

Over winter break, I only got a little bit of knitting done. I finally finished Oldest's socks:

Good thing, too! I have been working on these off and on since October, and I think the poor kid was starting to feel a little mistreated. He must like them because, after they were finally finished, he wore them every day until I forced him to let me wash them.

I also finished another baby hat:

I'm sure it will be cuter on an actual human child, but since we're running short on babies at our house, I drafted the newly crowned Hat Dog as my model. This is the Marshmallow Bonnet from Itty Bitty Hats, and it's for Olive's soon-to-be-born baby sister.

In other knitting related news, I have officially become a sweater stalker. I'm really not that creative of a person, so if I see something I want to duplicate, I have to make a note of it, or I'll forget. I saw the cutest little boy wearing a sweater with an interesting color combination, and, miracle of miracles, I happened to have the camera with me. I stopped the unsuspecting family and asked if I could take a picture of their son's sweater. I think they were a little puzzled, but they graciously allowed it.

He's really quite a cutie, but since I don't post my own kids' faces on here, I'm not showing his either.

I realized recently that I really didn't complete that many knitting projects in 2007. Let's see, I think there was a baby sweater, five pairs of socks, and three hats. What a shame! I know it's a little late for New Year's resolutions, but it's clear that I need to set some goals, not just for knitting, but in a couple of other areas, too.

My first goal: Figure out what goals to set.

There. I feel better already.


Jody said...

Oh wow, that IS a cute sweater. Love the colors!

Stacie said...

What lovely, warm looking socks! If I owned socks like those, I would be loathe to ever take them off too.

Sheila Ann said...

Love the hat!

momof3gr8kids said...

Jody - I would never have thought to combine those colors, but I loved the sweater when I saw it.

Stacie - Honestly, if his feet weren't so much bigger than mine, I might not have given them up!

Sheila - Thanks! The mom-to-be chose which design she wanted, and it kind of reminds me of something from the 1950's. Simpler times...