Saturday, December 8, 2007

Olives for Olive and Snowflakes for You

Knock knock.

Who's there?


Olive who?

Olive you!

Here's the cute little baby hat I've been working on. The best part about this hat is that I made it for a little sweetie named Olive! As soon as I saw this hat, I knew Olive needed it. The pattern is from Itty Bitty Hats by Susan B. Anderson, and this book has some adorable designs. As a matter of fact, I think it may have helped me solve a problem I've been having.

My sister-in-law in Miami is expecting a little girl in March. This is not just any little girl. This is The Girl Destined to be Most Spoiled in All the Land. You see, my husband is one of four brothers. So far, there are eight grandchildren... all boys. You have no idea how much pink frilly goodness has been saved up for this unsuspecting soul that will grace us in the spring. I have been knitting sweaters for the last couple of new babies in the family, but it seems cruel to knit a Miami baby a sweater. It's like saying, "We're so glad you're here - now go have a heat stroke." But I feel like I absolutely must knit something for her. Well, Itty Bitty Hats to the rescue! Every baby needs a cute hat, right?

Well, the semester is finally over, and I've been taking some time to destress a little bit. I've been catching up on some knitting, reading, napping, and generally goofing off. This morning, Youngest reminded me of one of my favorite forms of procrastination. In honor of CyProWriMo, I would like to share it with you...


Make-a-Flake is so much fun, and there are no little scraps of paper floating all over the house. I love it because I can make intricate little designs that I just can't seem to manage when I try it on paper. Trust me, I've attempted it, but it ends up looking like a drunk monkey got a hold of the scissors. Grab a cup of hot cocoa and give it a try! (I mean, try Make-a-Flake, not handing sharp objects over to inebriated primates.)


Simple Blog Writer said...

Wonderful. I bet you didn't even know that olives are my absolutely favorite food and have been forever. Great hat! What a lucky kid.

Your knitting is great - I wish I had the brain power to learn a new skill as I really like knitting patterns.

Laughed at your heat stroke line.

Jeff Walker said...

My snowflake is so unique! Also, no spanish final :D

I'm going to be smiling about that until I'm 35.

momof3gr8kids said...

Jeff - That snowflake is awesome! And yes, I'm also incredibly grateful for no Spanish final. :)

Sheila Ann said...

I love it!

I'm very impressed!

Cristina said...

That hat is soooo stinking cute. Hey think you could make one for ethan? His head is huge though. It is 49 centimeters around. HAHA
You are so dang funny on this thing. hope you have a merry christmas.
Love ya,