Saturday, November 13, 2010

He who shall not be named--and I don't mean Voldemort

With the other three boys, we always had both a girl name and a boy name picked out before the big ultrasound, so when we found out the gender, the kid had a name on the spot. This time we found out at 14 weeks that we were having a boy, so I didn't stress out about having a name yet because I figured I had until we usually would have found out. Well, we had the big anatomy scan--the munchkin looks healthy, by the way-- and the poor kid is still just known as The Baby.

I had a name picked out early on, but Rhett only said he "could live with it." I don't want the little tike sporting a name his dad can just "live with," so I detached myself from that name. Rhett, the boys, and I have a few favorites we keep coming back to, but nothing seems to stick yet. Why is this so hard?

I even had a dream last night that he was born, and he was so cute and cuddly and warm, but do you know what we called him throughout the dream?  The Baby!!!! I remember actually being frustrated during the dream that I couldn't even figure out this kid's name by tapping into my subconscious.

So I'm open to suggestions. I'm not going to share which names we already like because finding out that your cousin's next door neighbor who picked his nose and ate the boogers had the same name will not help me right now. But if you have any ideas for a little boy name that will go with the middle name Robert (after my dad), then please feel free to throw them out there. 

Oh and it might be good if the name fits well with the others when a frustrated voice yells, "Alex, Eric, Jacob, and _______!"


Formidable, That One. said...


... OH how fun to name a child. I had a dear friend who desperately wanted more than her three, and she would have tried to name a boy Satchel or Basil. =) Her sense of originality and fun always amazed me. Hoping you and the boys in your home have a blast in the process of naming!

Lisa said...

Mark and I had serious troubles naming our kids. We NEVER agree. I think Samuel or Brian or Jacob are good strong names.

Becca said...

When Lucy was born, I thought Billy and I were settled on naming her Ada. On the day we were leaving the hospital, I was in the shower and the social security paperwork lady came in and Billy filled it out with the name "Lucy". So my only advice is if you do settle on a name, make sure you're there to see it happens! :)

I like the names Milo, Asher, Atticus, Benjamin, and Peter.

wordandcraft said...

@Formidable - Thanks for the list! I had to laugh at the first one, though, because I like Joseph, but I think naming a Mormon kid Joseph Smith is a bit much. ;)

@Lisa - Funny that you mentioned two of my favorites and one name we already have. Great minds think alike, huh? Brian, unfortunately, is the name Rhett can "live with."

@Becca - Billy is just naughty! I guess you must have forgiven him, though. :) I told Rhett your story and then threatened him within an inch of his life if he did the same.

I think we may have finally found a name, but we're trying it on for a few days before I announce it to the world.

Formidable, That One. said...

But... But.... Joseph Smith is AWESOME. lol ;) You're right. I wasn't thinking about that. ha! I just think of you as my sweet Godly friend, Deanna Wilson. I forget the Smith.