Tuesday, July 28, 2009

La Gran Aventura: Big Brother thinks you really ought to put down that Big Mac and go for a jog


I've noticed something interesting while watching TV with my host family. In a lot of commercials, there are messages from the government written in big block letters at the bottom of the screen. They usually pertain to health or taking care of the environment, but sometimes they're almost silly. Here are a few I've seen:

Play sports: Burger King and men's anti-perspirant.

Eat well: Kentucky Fried Chicken and mayonnaise.

Cleanliness is health: Greenworks cleaner and Axe body spray.

Health is beauty: razors.

Exercise: Pepsi.

Take care of the water: Laundry and dish detergent.

Feed them [your kids] milk: Ice cream.

My favorite one, however, considering that the Mexican diet is so carb heavy (Today at lunch we had rice, potatoes, and tortillas.)  is the one displayed during commercials for dry cereal, tortillas, pasta, and twinkie-esque snack cakes:

A source of energy to exercise 30 minutes every day.

At least the government is smart enough to realize that most people won't exercise 30 minutes every day, but that bowl of Frosted Flakes will give you the energy to do so, if you feel like it.


Jen said...

Ohh... I wish our government loved us that much. ;)

Mark and Lisa said...

How funny!