Friday, April 4, 2008

Weathering the Storm

Last night we were serenaded by tornado sirens. Often, the weathermen accompany this song with claims that the sky is falling and later recant their prophecies of doom. We've become a little jaded and don't pay much attention to the warning wails of the sirens or the cries of the men analyzing the radar.

Last night was different. When we heard the stereotypical freight train sound of an approaching twister, we took cover. We emerged unscathed, and in our yard, a fallen tree branch is the only evidence of foul weather.

Our neighbors one block over weren't as lucky, and the next county over is worse still. Here are a few photos from our neck of the woods:

I find this to be a little ironic:

Beauty amid the destruction:


Melissa said...



Ok, so it takes an act of God to get you blogging again??! ;)

(Hey I don't care what it takes. It's good to see you. And I'm glad you're ok.)

Jody said...

We spent an hour in the pantry last night and don't even have a branch in the yard to show for it--for which I'm incredibly grateful.

Glad to know you're all right!

jennie said...

So, even though it was about a devistating event, I'm so glad to read your blog. I always chuckle because you're always adding a dash of humor. I love it!!

momof3gr8kids said...

melissa - Thanks for noticing I was MIA. These pictures look like a strong breeze blew through compared to the neighborhood I helped clean up today.

jody - I thought about you when it went up north. I'm glad to hear you're good.

jennie - Laughing is always better than crying, don't you think? :)

SBTVD said...
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Vearl said...

It looks like you are half way to another post. New back ground, time for a new post.